Merries Vietnam

As an intern in Dinosaur Vietnam, I join this project with the team then work from pitching to winning.

While other brands only talk about product functions, we found the best way to show the qualities of the world’s best diaper: featuring adorable babies with same unique characteristics.



Not For Fun

1. Satori Waters Poster

Brand idea: Free your mind – Free your body
From one of the creative direction of Dinosaur Vietnam: Expanding pattern. I translated this tagline and wrote copy for Satori Waters.

2. Fifa Online 3 Brochure

From an insight: For the football fans, the waiting period for the new season to start really tedious.
FIFA owns the copyrights of The Premier League – The Best League In The World, which PES does not have as a direct competitor in the world of football video games. I just emphasize on this point by telling the story of the best match in the best league.