Why should we hire you?

This is a question that took me three years to find the answer, a clear and definitive answer to what I was saying. A question that, in my opinion, is to prove that your future potential is greater than your current ability, with creative workers, this is even more important because it shows you how much you know yourself, how different you are from the other candidates and whether you have the new talent that every agency is hunting for.

The first time I answered this question (feeling like when you do not homework and the teacher call up your name on the board to recite it) three years ago, the second was last week. I recognize that not many employers view this as a mandatory question for newbies, perhaps they have some sympathy with the part of the youth who have struggled to find their ego before, that what do you really want? Maybe the problem comes from the fact that this is the question that is easy to get a stereotypical answer to a basic question and the hardest, hardest because it makes no sense when you promise to work harder and harder. The thing to compare is yourself, not anyone else. The approach is to always listen to yourself, what senior creatives called “your gut”, also “gracefully” aka “mission complete”.

And this is the original answer of Duyen with Mr. Paul Busschau – CD at Happiness Saigon when he asked: “Why should we hire you?”

Football is my second favorite topic, after the advertisement. Football culture with Vietnamese is a very passionate thing. Maybe, we can find some great ideas from this.

 In addition, I’m also a fellow cinephile and I believe cinematic language is one of the most important tools in advertising. If the idea is something very new, cinematic language can help clients feel less risky.

 Finally, I think things like art or creativity should be for everyone without distinction, and that’s why inspirational messages will be creating beautiful action, with great Ad.

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